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eLearning Courses via LMS

PRISM understands that each organization has a unique culture and unique needs for effective training. If you're looking for online training, we can help.

Through our e-learning arm, KnowledgeStart, PRISM can provide your organization with a true "blended" training solution. We offer several diversity and inclusion e-learning programs that support, reinforce and complement diversity and inclusion live training. These options can be provided in multiple combinations and are designed to work in conjunction with PRISM's proven and effective diversity and inclusion live training.

Diversity, Inclusion & You

A powerful e-learning course designed to strengthen both diversity awareness and inclusive practices within your organization. Suitable for employees and managers at any level of the organization, this course discusses how diversity affects you and the people you work with, the business case for diversity and inclusion as they affect your company's bottom line, and the laws that surround this topic (also available in Healthcare and Education industry-specific versions).

LGBT Workforce & You

Learn how the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender community makes an impact on your organization's workplace, marketplace, and culture. This e-learning course presents the challenges that are often faced by LGBT employees and supervisors, and offers resources and best-practices for leveraging the strengths of this community while creating a positive, professional work environment.

Generational Distinctions

Learning to manage generational distinctions in our workforce is becoming more and more important, as we now have four unique generations working together in a single environment. This e-learning course discusses the experiences that have shaped each generation, along with generalized communication styles, work ethics, and values. Tips and resources are then provided to help leverage the strengths of each generation within your organization.

Micro-Messages & You

Your organization's success depends on the ability of its employees to interact well with one another. Day to day communication is critical to efficient, effective, and positive productivity. However the majority of our communication is not in what we say but how we say it. This e-learning course discusses how our intent may be different from the impact of our words, body language, and assumptions.

Disability Awareness & Inclusion

People with Disabilities can contribute valuable knowledge, talents, and skill sets to the workplace but are often overlooked due to their physical or mental disadvantage. This e-learning course discusses the challenges faced by People with Disabilities and offers best practices and tips for leveraging the strengths of every employee.

Gender Intelligence & You

Gender intelligence is the ability for EACH of us to leverage the innate distinctions that we all possess as males and females. Distinctions in gender can impact collaboration, building teams, coping with change, motivating, managing, and maintaining and increasing productivity. This is because each gender may have distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, work ethic, communication styles, habits, and motivational buttons. These distinctions represent a tremendous source of strength when we learn how to use them to our advantage.

Business Ethics & You

Your organization's success depends on the ability of your employees and managers to make good decisions. Even the smallest of decisions can have a big impact on your organization over time. This e-learning course encourages your employees and managers to do "the right thing" even if the consequences are not apparent.

World Religions & You

From work ethic, problem solving skills, through to guidance during "tough times" by boosting morale, religion for many impacts a variety of life interactions. Because of this, it has never been as critical as in today's global marketplace for all of us to respect religious distinctions.

Veterans in the Workplace & You

When you hear the word veteran, what word or phrase comes to mind? For many, the first thought is a person who has served in the military. But think of all the personal beliefs, values, and behaviors that are influenced by having served in the military. From work ethic, problem solving skills, through to guidance during "tough times" by boosting morale, being a veteran for many impacts a variety of life's interactions. Because of this as well as world events unfolding before us, it has never been as critical as in today's global marketplace for all of us to learn about distinctions between military veterans and non-military personnel.

Cultural Differences

This online library discusses the importance of cultural awareness and competency when working with co-workers, colleagues, or clients with foreign origins. An interactive flag exercise offers demographics, fun facts, communication techniques, and business practices for over 50 countries around the world and over 20 of the world's largest religions.

This Month in Diversity

A multi-cultural calendar resource exploring important cultural and historical events that have sculpted the diverse group of people we are today. Our fun and interactive modules will guide you through select events and celebrations. Users will then have the ability to explore each day of the month and learn about key people, events, and religious and international holidays that define the many cultures around the world in an engaging and interactive online program.

A Year of Inclusion

Subscribers will have access to daily tips for appreciating a diverse workforce, practicing inclusive behavior, and leveraging the strengths of their co-workers to maximize efficiency and productivity for the organization. Tips are presented by our hosts and hostesses through daily multi-media video clips.

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