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PRISM Diversity and Inclusion Video Briefs

2013 Diversity Council Conference: Increasing Effectiveness -
Driving Results!

The only conference designed for ERGs and Diversity Councils is returning to Washington D.C. October 2nd and 3rd, 2013 and will provide opportunities for learning and sharing best practices, networking, growing and celebrating.
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(note this video/page resides on the Diversity Council Conference website)

Increasing Cultural Competencies

Working with international and multicultural team members and customers is a growing challenge for securing a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Organizations investing in increasing their cultural competencies are reaping the rewards.
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Diversity & Inclusion Special Events and Celebrations

Utilizing PRISM’s facilitators and engaging special events programs ensures you can keep the conversation going while leveraging previous learning. Designed to be completed between two and three hours, Special Event Topics can be delivered to 10 to 300 participants in one session.
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Inclusion & Diversity Consulting

PRISM's inclusion and diversity consulting provides our clients with years of diversity and organizational experience to assist them in moving their diversity process forward.
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Xpress Tools - Ready Out of the Box

Many organizations believe that fully utilizing the knowledge, skills, talents and abilities of each employee provides a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly complex workplace and marketplace. That is the rationale behind PRISM’s Diversity Xpress™ and Cross Cultural Xpress™.
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Getting the Big Picture of Diversity and Inclusion

The optimal communicating/learning environment for promoting Diversity and Inclusion awareness and building inclusive skills is one in which participants are immersed in a learning experience that is relevant to their jobs and to the situations they face each day.
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Leveraging Diversity for Engagement & Innovation

An interview with Linda Stokes, lead developer of PRISM's next step manager diversity/inclusion training program Leveraging Diversity for Engagement and Innovation™.
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Special Olympics - Catalyst for Change

The Special Olympics is a sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities and an effective catalyst for social change. "We want others to know more about this organization and the wonderful work they perform globally", says PRISM's President and CEO Linda H. Stokes.
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