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Inclusion & Diversity Consulting

Have you fallen into the piecemeal diversity & inclusion trap? That's executing D &I tactics that are not aligned with the goals of the organization and that do not contribute to the business of the organization.

Planning and executing such tactics keeps employees running around in circles focusing on urgent activities but not important tactics aligned with an organizational strategy. Not much of any consequence gets accomplished...or recognized. Fatigue sets in followed by the collapse of any D & I initiative. Employees are reassigned or they leave the organization. The entire D&I initiative stalls. The organization suffers.

For years, PRISM has assited D&I professionals in creating tailored sustainable and successful strategies. We begin by understanding your business goals and then assessing your needs to recommend a specifically designed, customized D &I consulting solution. We are committed to providing outstanding inclusion & diversity consulting services, knowledge and innovation.

12 Reasons to Choose PRISM as Your Diversity & Inclusion Partner:

  1. We give your D&I process traction.
  2. We prevent diversity and inclusion false starts.
  3. We provide credibility for your D&I initiative.
  4. We align your D&I initiative to the goals and objectives of your organization.
  5. We provide structures and systems to support your D&I process.
  6. We establish a D&I business-relevant shared vision.
  7. We help you to garner support and commitment for your D&I initiative
  8. We create standards and measures to track your diversity and inclusion progress.
  9. We provide "one stop shopping" that offers a large network of proven D&I professionals, knowledge, experience and solutions.
  10. We save you time and money by providing proven expertise and knowledge that eliminates "reinventing the wheel" while avoiding costly mistakes.
  11. Since 1992, we've assisted over 300 organizations in 24 countries by providing a systemic process and best-in-practices performance solutions focusing on optimizing the opportunities and complexities of the workforce, workplace and marketplace.
  12. But most important - we are here to make you, our client and D&I colleague - more knowledgeable, more credible and more successful. Your personal and professional success is our success!

Inclusion and Diversity Consulting Services

PRISM links D&I to the organization's strategic goals. We customize every D&I solution to the specific needs of our client. Our Diversity and Inclusion Consulting is one of the six components of our overall diversity and inclusion strategy, which establishes a plan to close the gap between an organization's current status and its vision of where it would like to be. We work with our clients to help them discover where they are and where they want to go.

Inclusion & Diversity Consulting


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What our clients say...

"PRISM is a firm that works hard to actively listen to the needs of their customers. They realize that every organization approaches their diversity/inclusion efforts in a way that makes good sense for them. PRISM seeks to understand organizational goals and objectives, culture, business/industry opportunities and challenges, and strategic priorities. This allows them to offer solutions that fit the unique environment and overall needs of each organization. They have the consulting expertise and integrity that makes them an excellent business partner.."

Fluor Corporation

"Cox Media Group wants employees to be themselves and make us better by bringing unique ideas, solutions, backgrounds and experiences to the table. Through their consulting work and training, PRISM International, Inc. has helped us chart a course to top into these invaluable employee resources that will enable us to remain competitive, offer our customers the best products and services in our markets and transform CMG into a new digital media company."

Cox Media Group

"Our partnership with PRISM has helped TIAA-CREF educate our senior leadership and employees about the importance of diversity and inclusion and we can leverage it to support our business goals and objectives. The staff is responsive and the trainers are professional and knowledgeable about diversity and inclusion. We are glad to have PRISM as our training partner!"


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