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Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

Sexual harassment has consequences. You know the impact on individuals, on the team and the organization. You are dealing with complaints and the consequences now – and they may be on the rise. Are employees feeling that the workplace is hostile...far from being respectful and inclusive?

Training is the best way to communicate expectations, policies and to build skills for identifying, stopping and preventing sexual harassment – anywhere you have employees. Make certain that the training you provide is effective and changes behavior. Death by PowerPoint or e-learning does not focus on modifying behaviors or the nuances surrounding this topic. Face-to-face classroom training provides the opportunity to ensure that questions are asked and answered and that the focus is on behavior modification. All employees must be knowledgeable, skilled and ready to build an inclusive and respectful workplace.

Many organizations' approach to providing sexual harassment prevention training is to put an attorney in the room with employees for an hour or two, drill them with PowerPoints on the law and then have them sign an attendance form. A sheep-dip approach to providing sexual harassment prevention training focused on legal implications designed to cover the corporate fanny will not lead to sustainable compliance or behavioral change.

PRISM's approach takes sexual harassment prevention training further by addressing behavior. We provide proven consultative and training interventions that are proactive in increasing team members’ awareness and competence. We assist in identifying, stopping and preventing harassing and discriminatory behaviors before they escalate into newsworthy issues requiring costly reactive legal attention.

Employees need to know more than the law and the organizational policies and procedures. They need the awareness and skills to positively affect personal behavior and impact organizational culture.

We offer several training and consulting services to help prevent harassment and discrimination:

Training to Prevent Harassment and Discrimination

PRISM now offers Third Party Sexual Harassment Investigation. Contact us to learn about our approach and experience.



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What our clients say...

"I wish I had found PRISM one-and-a-half years ago before sending our employees through ineffective, lawyer-led death by PowerPoint presentations! "

Fortune 500 Client

"I want to acknowledge the contributions that the PRISM facilitators and the PRISM support team are making to our EEO/Sexual Harassment training initiative. Our course evaluations tell us that your facilitators are doing an excellent job conveying the course's messages. Your firm's customer focused approach has added to the success of this huge project and made my life easier! Thanks."


"PRISM's Creating and Maintaining a Harassment Free Workplace™ program clearly sets a new standard for non-harassment training."


"Succeeding Through EEO Compliance™ provided more than the legal information - it provided sound skills based training for identifying, stopping and preventing discriminatory behaviors "

Honeywell Space System

"Harris would like to extend its appreciation and recommendation for a job well done in the design and development of our sexual harassment prevention workshop."

Harris Corporation