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The PRISM Process - A Comprehensive Approach to Diversity & InclusionThe Implementation component of the PRISM ProcessTM is a tactical function to insure that the essential activities that have been identified in the Strategic Planning component are deployed. These tactics include training, job rotation, mentoring, work life initiatives and minority supplier programs, etc. PRISM assists organizations by providing direct-delivery or train-the-trainer diversity training programs or through participant-led training using diversity Knowledge Map technology.


  • Involve-Enroll-Empower-Measure
  • Intervention
  • Training
  • Organizational Development

PRISM Solutions:

In the media: Piecemeal Diversity: Avoiding the Trap


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The PRISM Process
What our clients say...

"PRISM Facilitators are obviously experts in their fields and are very professional in their presentations. They made all the sessions both enjoyable and comfortable, and were a great pleasure to work with."

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