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The Ripple Effect™

Ripple EffectPerceptions & Leaky Filters

The Ripple Effect™ is our newest 3 - 4 hour experiential training program that uses a workbook and video scenarios and is designed to increase knowledge about perceptions and perceptual filters and their impact on individuals, teams and organizations.

It is common and sometimes useful to regard our perceptions as "windows" to the world. Our perceptions help us understand and make sense of situations and events. Perceptions filter information in and out dictating what we pay attention to and act upon. So while we couldn't function in our day-to-day busy lives without them, perceptual filters can also block out or distort reality and keep us from really seeing things as they are.

The way in which we act or react in a positive or negative manner to information filtered by our perceptions has a "ripple effect" on others and on the organization.

During this program, participants work with filters in a fun, high energy, engaging and business-relevant way. They discuss and experience the impact of filters and how to retain those that are useful and how to manage those that could have potentially negative impacts.

This program helps to transcend the limitation of filters and experience a wider part of reality. Participants work on perceptual shifts which can be powerful and often life enhancing while assisting in building teams and organizations that are more inclusive, engaging and productive.



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  • Explore perceptions and perceptual filters and their origin
  • Discuss the impact of perceptions on teams, organizations and business performance
  • Develop strategies to manage perceptual filter
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