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Organizational Vision

The PRISM Process - A Comprehensive Approach to Diversity & InclusionWhere does the organization want to go?

The Organizational Vision component of the PRISM ProcessTM targets senior leadership, enabling them to define their organization's vision and mission relative to diversity.

From a bottom-line perspective, they clarify their business motives for the intervention. Component activities include developing the business case, preparing diversity champions, defining diversity, preparing the vision and mission and establishing success measures.

PRISM works with organizations at this level by conducting a half-day to one-day Executive Roundtable or Strategic Alignment Session with senior management as a way of beginning to educate the senior group and gain commitment to the process.


  • Understand/Define Diversity
  • Clarify Organizational Mission/Vision
  • Develop Business Motives and Implications
  • Establish the Business Case for diversity and inclusion

PRISM Solutions:

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The PRISM Process
What our clients say...

"Our executive team was delighted that PRISM took very complex subject matters and transformed them into meaningful, understandable and actionable information."

Franklin Templeton