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Xpress Tools - Ready Out of the Box

Many organizations believe that fully utilizing the knowledge, skills, talents and abilities of each employee provides a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly complex workplace and marketplace. Their goal is to create a workplace where all employees can contribute their best work to meet corporate and departmental goals and objectives. Success is realized when continuous, respectful and productive communication leads to leveraging increasingly individual similarities and differences to creatively solve problems, improve customer services, innovation and productivity and enhance decision-making to meet the needs of customers and shareholders. That is the rationale behind PRISM’s Diversity Xpress™ and Cross Cultural Xpress™.

Diversity Xpress™ and Cross Cultural Xpress™ tool kits provide a powerful, exciting way for an organization to build and demonstrate real commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Xpress series assists organizations to:

  • Drive diversity and inclusion through the organization
  • Build diversity and inclusion capability and sustainability
  • Extend the reach of the diversity manager
  • Turn diversity from a “program” into a “process” by keeping the conversation and application alive
  • Reinforce diversity and inclusion training (so that employees see it as an integral and crucial component of success rather than a “once a year, one and done” training session)
  • Involve managers and supervisors in driving the organizations’ diversity and inclusion process
  • Serve as a measurement for evaluating managers and supervisors commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Help employees apply diversity and inclusion to the situations they face every day on the job
  • Drive team decisions and change behavior

Diversity Xpress™ and Cross Cultural Xpress™ kits are complete "meetings-in-a-box", portable and easy for managers and supervisors to use and energizing, inclusive and fun for the entire team. Each kit contains 12 business-related, diversity and inclusion scripted team discussion topics that managers and supervisors hold during staff or team meetings. Each of the 12 topics are bite-sized diversity and inclusion conversations applied to real time business issues and are relevant to the business situations each team faces on their job everyday. Every discussion contains engaging exercises, dialog and applications that drive learning points and challenge all team members to broaden their thinking and react more positively and productively.

During the meetings, leaders select a topic from the Xpress kit. They follow the easy-to-understand, carefully scripted meeting leader’s guide. They lead their team in a 10 to 20 minute engaging, job-relevant, thought provoking conversation. The team builds a foundation for diversity and inclusion that is relevant for each team member, their department and for their organization. With Diversity Xpress™ and Cross Cultural Xpress™, managers and supervisors are enrolled, engaged and equipped. They begin to “own” the process. They become the compass and determine which behaviors are supported, reinforced or eliminated. The organization’s diversity and inclusion process is energized… becoming more aligned with the core business

Utilizing Diversity Xpress™ and Cross Cultural Xpress™, creates a proactive pull strategy instead of a reactive push strategy. Diversity becomes a “process”…not a "program" because the conversation and application is alive. Employees begin to see their managers and supervisors demonstrating the diversity commitment and modeling inclusive behaviors. Team members increase their knowledge and gain skills for working productively and respectfully together. They build and increase their own diversity and inclusion confidence and competence.

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What our clients say...

"The Xpress Series is engaging our managers in moving diversity beyond awareness within JPMorgan Chase. Managers are having the conversations and are comfortable using the Xpress Series in staff meetings -- which means around our organization we are having diversity conversations on a daily basis as a regular part of doing business. And we are getting great feedback! We believe that we are elevating our business by improving our culture."

JP Morgan Chase

Diversity Xpress Topics
  • What is Diversity?
  • Getting Comfortable with Change
  • What are We Missing?
  • Serving Customers from Other Cultures
  • Guidelines for High Performing Teams
  • Working Across Language Differences
  • Diversity as a Business Strategy
  • Gaining New Skills for Success
  • The Impact of Stereotypes
  • How Do I Respond When...?
  • Using the Pause Button
  • The Impact of Words
Cross Cultural
Xpress Topics
  • What is Culture?
  • How Culture Affects Us
  • Cultural Collisions
  • Bridging Cultural Gaps
  • Accessing our Actions
  • Uncovering Cross-Cultural Traps
  • Serving Customers From Other Cultures
  • Working Across Language Differences
  • Listening Across Language Differences
  • Increasing Cross-Cultural Effectiveness
  • Post Test - Have We Closed the Gaps?
  • Speaking Effectively Across Language Differences