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Diversity Discussion Starters™

PRISM's Diversity Discussion Starter series are 14 carefully constructed, business-related, 45 minute diversity discussions that leaders can utilize with staff during team meetings.

Each of the diversity discussion starters makes for an engaging and job-relevant conversation that position diversity as a continuing critical business issue rather than a one-time training event. The easy-to-follow Meeting Leader's Guide provides managers with scripts for conducting diversity conversations at team meetings. Reproducible worksheets give employees a format for participating in the activities.

Diversity Discussion Starters Benefits

  • Bite-sized diversity conversations applied to real time, day-to-day business issues
  • Complete "meeting-in-a-box" format
  • Energizing, inclusive, fun activities
  • Train the Meeting Leader process to prepare leaders with the "What" and "How" of leading the diversity conversations.

Diversity Discussion Starters Program Features

  • Catches and keeps the attention of participants
  • Easy for leaders to use
  • Can be incorporated into meetings anytime with any size group
  • Increases diversity and inclusion knowledge and confidence
  • Drives team decisions, changed behavior, coaching and mentoring
  • Turns diversity and inclusion learning from a program into a process by keeping the conversation and application alive
  • Drives diversity and inclusion throughout the entire organization
  • Extends the reach of the diversity manager
  • Serves as a measure for evaluating a manager's degree of involvement in the diversity and inclusion process
  • Builds diversity and inclusion capability across the organization

Diversity Discussion Topics

  • Diversity as a Critical Business Issue
  • Choosing Words That Value Diversity
  • Exploring and Expanding Frames of Reference
  • Talking About Stereotyping and Judgments
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures
  • Six Steps for Moving Past Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Responding to Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Creating Valuing Ground Rules for Team Discussions
  • Talking About Diversity
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Transforming the Workplace
  • Personal Assessment
  • Proactively Addressing Change
  • Exploring Dimensions of Diversity


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What our clients say...

"The power of the PRISM Diversity Discussion Starters lie in the decisions that we made as the result of the conversations that we held."

Mead Johnson

"The Diversity Discussion Starter series is an excellent tool to drive the diversity initiative within SWPC."

Siemens Energy